27-30" Diameter Horse Rawhide Disc Drum Head (55-90-30) K24
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27-30" Diameter Horse Rawhide Disc Drum Head (55-90-30) K24

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27-30" Diameter Horse Rawhide Disc Drum Head (55-90-30) K24


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This listing is for one 27-30" diameter Horse Rawhide Leather Disc.

These pre-cut discs made of horse rawhide are ideal for making drums. The fibers on horse rawhide are tighter and smoother than on cow rawhide even though horse rawhide tends to be lighter than cow rawhide. Horse rawhide is also stronger than cow rawhide.

The horses are not killed just for their hides.

Horses are not an endangered species and are not subject to U.S. Fish and Wildlife import/export controls or to CITES.

Please note we have other sizes and types of rawhide :

Product of Pakistan

Genus and species: Equus caballus. Ranch.

We do not buy, sell, trade, or barter any products that are listed on the U.S. Endangered Species List.

We are licensed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as an importer and exporter of wildlife products and have been since 1997. We are experts at this business. As a commercial exporter, we cannot ship any regulated wildlife items outside of the United States without first obtaining a U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit and a CITES export permit where required. Consequently, we do not ship wildlife products regulated by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to customers outside of the U.S. customs zone.

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