10" Deer Hide drum with mallet
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10" Deer Hide drum with mallet

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10" Deer Hide drum with mallet


10" 13-sided frame drum of white tailed deer hide. Comes with mallet made from stick prepared by a beaver and a cloth carrying bag.
I made all of the drums myself including fleshing, de-hing and stretching the hide, making the wooden frame, cutting the lacing from raw hide, tie-dying the hide and finally stretching the drum.
The frame is made with 13 sides to represent the lunar calendar.
The colour is dyed into the hide so that it will not wear off with use.
The drum has a delicate bell like sound and the vibrations it creates are good for the soul.
The mallet is made from leather and a "beavered" stick.
The carrying bag is cloth with a woven strap.

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